Thursday, 1 March 2018

Remember this?????

The cottage, December 2010.

Look at those icicles

The snow was only just under the window cill, approx 3ft deep at the front of the cottage.


  1. I remember seeing those pictures and thinking oh that's cold - you were stuck in the cottage for quite a few days weren't you Anne? It always looked a beautiful place and home xxx

  2. I well remember the charming cottage near Edinburgh and all of that snow. Goodness!

    Last January 22, we had a blizzard that dumped over 2 feet of snow in less than 24 hours but thanks to snow plows and salt, we weren't snowed in for more than a week. Some of that was due to our long driveway that turned to ice.

    I'm sewing!!!


  3. Oh would love to read your blog posts from when you were in a cottage in Scotland. Is there a link or is that blog long gone?

    Stay warm and safe in your lovely little bungalow.

    1. Sandy, I have been blogging for at least 10 years, my previous blog I closed because I was being stalked. Everything that happened during the snow of 2010 was chronicalled there. We moved back to Scotland in 2010, my daughter was ill in 2013 and we came back to England, it would have been horrendous travelling to see her 600mile round trip every time......

    2. Thanks for updating me. Shame about having to close your previous blog with so much history.

  4. i remember your cottage in Scotland.
    I've enjoyed your blog for years.
    Didn't realize how many years though.



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