Monday, 5 March 2018

My goodness, its sunny

Woke up to higher temperatures and sun!! Bed stripped and linen is out on the line, hoping it will at least be damp dry, we do have quite a breeze. Re made the bed.

Our gas consumption went through the roof last week, I had the heating on 24 hours, but turned the thermostat down overnight. Hopefully we will soon not need the central heating on all day, but just early morning and in the evening, before switching it off for the summer. 

DD2 messaged to say she slept ok, obviously still in pain, but looking forward to seeing us tomorrow. She usually washes her hair every other day, so is not happy that she has to wait a week. I did wonder about dry shampoo if she keeps it away from the stitches.

I have cleaned the bedroom this morning, tomorrow before we go out I am going to steam clean the wet room and toilet floors and the tiles in the wet room. 

Supper tonight will be fried egg and wedges, the last of the strawberries in jelly for dessert.

Last night my Remoska gave up the ghost, I have had it a very long time. I bought my first one when Lakeland started stocking them. mainly for use in the caravan, but it soon found its way into the house.That one went phut when the glass piece in the lid broke, it was replaced free of charge by Lakeland, the second one started shorting out so that was replaced as well, I think that was in around 2008, so this one owes me nothing. I believe it cost £79 when I bought it, which was quite expensive. I ordered a new one yesterday £150, they have changed the design the base is different and so is the lid. I was looking on the net and there are a lot of recipes out there will be trying something new. Thinking back that Remoska went on every caravan trip we took. When we gave the van up it still went with us. I remember sneaking it into travel lodges in the UK and motels in France. One pot hot meals were always in the freezer box that went with us, saved us a mint in food costs.


  1. Been away from the computer for a couple of days. So sorry to hear your daughter was hit by a lorry, but I'm also glad to hear she's on the mend. That had to be scary for everyone. What's a Remoska? Is it like a crock pot?

  2. As a nurse I can tell you that dry shampoo isn't recommended anywhere near stitches! Even if trying to keep it away from the stitches it is still not a good idea. A week isn't really all that long to wait.

    If she was my daughter I would be saying to her what is the inconvenience of not being able to wash your hair for a week compared to the fact that you could so easily have lost your life. There are times when we should think of having gratitude instead of complaining about the inconvenience of something minor. The same about the hair shaving - sometimes I've shaken my head in disbelief at the number of younger people who would rather not have life saving treatment if it's going to imperceptibly spoil their looks for a week or so!

    But then young folk don't always see further than the ends of their own noses do they!

    Yes the sun has been such a welcome sight, wonderful to be hanging out the washing again.

  3. I was going to say exactly what Heidi said about that dry shampoo. Stitches must stay dry and powder-free and antibiotic cream applied only if the doctor said to use it.

    It will do your heart good to hug DD2 tomorrow!

    Sorry about the demise of the Remoska and I am shocked the price for a new one is nearly twice what you paid in 2008. Goodness me.

    We have bright sunshine today, too, but it's still very chilly in my opinion. Of course, I'm cold a lot of the time.


  4. Just an afterthought .... my comment wasn't in anyway a criticism of your daughter, merely what I would have said to my own daughter. I later realised it may not have come across just as I intended it to.

    Enjoy the milder weather, such a relief after the cold!

  5. Glad to hear your daughter is improving. I can understand her distress about her hair as I wash mine every second day now that it’s short and when I was unwell in December and January, it really upset me that I hadn’t the energy to wash it. We use our Remoska a lot and it’s the one item we would replace if it broke. Weather has improved greatly so I’m looking forward to meeting my craft class tomorrow. Catriona


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