Monday, 26 March 2018


Another bright day, sun shining and almost cloudless blue sky.

We had an appointment at the Bank, so set off to get the bus into Town. Our business was soon done, we dropped off some stuff at Emmaus, picked up some bits from Wilkos and were back home by 12 noon. A bit concerned about my left ankle, it gave way on me twice this morning.

I was so exhausted I fell asleep straight after lunch, did not even hear the telephone. The hospital called to make an appointment for DB to have his eye done, 5th April in the afternoon.

DB was not pleased when two deliveries were made to us for the bungalow across the road. We have at times taken parcels in for them. One of the delivery people told us there was a note on the gate asked for parcels to be delivered to us, the cheek of it, they might have asked!!

DB went into the garden to do a bit more of the preservative on the shed, he has done the front and one end, was going to start on the back. I really should go out and sort out the plants, but I am feeling so tired, I just cannot be bothered.

Frittata for supper tonight, will do salad and a jacket spud with it. No dessert planned.


  1. How nice to have pleasant weather for your errands in town and that you got home by noon, all done and dusted!

    Bother about your ankle giving way. Should you wrap it in an Ace bandage to give it extra support?

    I agree that your neighbors shouldn't have left instructions for deliveries to be made to your home without asking you first.

    Db must be well pleased at being able to work in the garden a bit.

    Hope you sleep well and awaken refreshed tomorrow.

    I'm to hand sew binding today unless I get derailed.


  2. Sorry to hear you are so tired-take care and rest as you feel you need it. I don’t takenparcels for anyone after I disvovered our neighbour gave our address for all deliveries !!

  3. I'm always happy to take in any of our neighbours parcels because I know they'd do the same for us. We live on a small Close and I think it's important to have good relations with neighbours. Personally if a neighbour had put a notice on their gate to leave a parcel here I wouldn't be offended, I'd be pleased that they thought I was neighbourly enough to help out.

    We can get too self important and pompous and forget that small things can be of considerable help to someone else.

    Kindness is a good word to live by.

    1. It's not a case of being self important or pompous. We had taken things in for them in the past, we had no idea anything was due, in fact we had been in town for most of the morning, it as pure good luck we were home. What my husband objected to was that wecwere not asked to take the parcel in, it was just assumed that we would and a note left to this effect on their gate. There is more to it than that, Their house is surrounded by a 6 foot fence, the post box has its flap sealed. There is a bell, but no one answers if you ring. Should we need someone to take a parcel in, it would be no good asking them, they never answer the bell. We have can arrangement with a couple of neighbours, we always ask if it is convenient before leaving a note to that effect on our door. We consider it common courtesy to ask first.

  4. I was like you today, had a nap this afternoon. Thought I'd read a while but couldn't stay awake. Too weary to do anything in the garden.

    We must have needed the rest!


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