Monday, 19 March 2018


No more snow, but it is still lying, DB says the temperature has gone above freezing this morning.

Yesterday one of our neighbours can over and cleared the pavement right round from his house to ours, taking in the other two bungalows where the residents are elderly ladies. He cleared the path from our front door to the bins as well. So good of him. I had cleared a path from the back door across to the coal house, so we were able to get to coal and stick. The Pastor from the chapel also called to see if we were ok and needed anything. He was going round all the elderly people in the village.

I did remember to go out late afternoon and fill the coal hod and shovel with coal and stick to light the fire this morning. The weather is forecast to improve so I doubt we will have the fire lit tomorrow, will have to see.

Bed changed and the linen washed, its in the dryer, might get it ironed this afternoon, depends how I feel. I cleaned the bedroom, DB shoved the Dyson over the carpets in the bedroom, hall and sitting room. I also ran the cloth over the bathroom. I will steam clean the floor in the morning. If I do not do the ironing today I can do it after I have cleaned the floor tomorrow.

The sun is valiantly trying to come out, just quick bursts of sunshine at the moment. I hope this is the last of the snow. I doubt we will get the fence up until the end of the week now, no point trying to dig out for fence posts in frozen ground. I have ordered the plants for the hanging baskets we are going to put up on the shed and also 3 giant lilies, maybe I will have more success with them in the garden here. I am also on the look out for a couple more shrubs.

Chicken and bacon pies for supper will do some mash and veg with it. The crumble from yesterday will do us another couple of days for dessert. Will have to have it with custard, we used up the ice cream yesterday.


  1. You're very organised with ordering plants and your chicken and bacon pie sounds delish.

  2. You're fortunate that you've had such good help during the cold weather.

    Do you make your own chicken and bacon pies or can you recommend which brand you buy.

    Wondering who is "B" who did the hovering for you?

    Keep cosy.


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