Monday, 12 March 2018


It was pouring with rain when we got up this morning and has continued to do so all day, yukkkk....thankfully not so cold though, the gas and electricity consumption is down by half this week.

DD2 has had her stitches out, she said she was less distressed today,  and coped better with being out, but she still intends to take life slowly.

Wetroom cleaned apart from the floor. we have not had a shower everyday, so it can wait until next Monday.

I have an appointment with the Dr this evening to get the results of the blood tests I had some weeks ago. My own GP has unfortunately gone on long term sick leave, so I will be seeing one of the other Drs.

DB's itches continue, I am putting the cream on his back twice a day, he is also putting lotion on his hair as well. The scratches on his arm are gradually healing as well.

Turkey Fricassee, rice and mixed veg for supper tonight, fresh fruit for dessert.

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  1. Am glad your rainy day was not so cold and hope by the time you went to see the doctor, the roads were still fine. Fingers crossed all was well with your blood work results, too.

    How nice DD2's stitches are out. Now her life can get back to normal as quickly as she feels like it. Be sure she still is watchful for head injury symptoms as those can take weeks or months to show up.

    Wishing DB well with those annoying itches. Perhaps a topical numbing agent could help the areas that are most bothersome?

    We have snow today that has begun to stick and continues to fall with gusto. It's a good day to stay inside!



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