Friday, 23 March 2018


Back from my quilting friend, with a bag of fabric, I need to go through it carefully and see what I might do with it.

We went to our favourite garden centre on the way, K wanted 2 Compassion climbing roses and also white vinegar, got the roses. We discovered when we got to K's that the garden centre has recently been taken over by a rival company, the prices are soaring. We will not be going again, will stick to the one closer to us here at Melton.

Nasty smash on the cross country road on the way back, stuff all over the road and a car with its front hanging off in a hedge.....drivers do tend to use the roads round here like a race track Glad we were not a bit earlier on the road.

It was a sunny start to the day, but by the time we set off it had clouded over. WE are forecast rain later,

My microwave will be back tomorrow, they are going to ring me and let me know what time they will be coming with it. I have really missed it this week.

Fish, mash, peas parsley sauce for supper, the last of the strawberries in jelly for dessert with the last of the custard.


  1. I have a combi microwave, it was here when we moved in, a built in one. I've only used it as a basic microwave up to now but should utilise it more. I'm only used to having an ordinary microwave and the array of shelves and gadgets that are with the combi look a bit daunting.

    What do you mostly use yours for? Also any ideas for something simple to get me started would be welcome.

    It's good to be thinking about visiting the garden centre and plans for the garden, the forecast says more wintry weather over Easter, hope they're wrong!

    1. I use my combi as I would use my oven, anything I can cook in the oven I cook in the combi. I roast meat, chicken etc in roasting bags, always wipe it out after each use. What make and model is it? I like doing roast potato's in it, they take half the time they would do in the oven, you can also do roast veg. Was there not an instruction book with it? If not put the make and model in your computer and look for the instruction book, Mine is a Panasonic and I got an instruction book which also contains quite a few recipes.

  2. Thanks for your reply. That's a good idea to find an instruction book on the internet. No, there wasn't a book left for us in the house, although there were instruction books for the main oven and gas hob. The microwave is a built in Zanussi, as is the main oven.

    Roasting bags are a good idea, I was concerned about splashing.


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