Friday, 16 March 2018


It was raining when I drew the curtains back, by 10.30 it had cleared up and the sun had come out.

The fencer came last night and phoned this morning with a quote for the fence, he is hoping to come this afternoon and put it in. I had a quick trip to the PO to get some cash for him.

I washed a couple of fleeces, they are on the line, they should dry ok. I have also put the net curtain from the back bedroom in soak, when I looked at it from outside it looked very dingy, it should dry on the line, it will need a swift press before it goes back up.

OH went out and started to put the preservative on the shed, its going to take a while for him to do it.

Supper tonight will be a bit different as my Combi Microwave is in for repair. I am going to do crunchy topped cod in the Remoska with mashed spuds, peas and parsley sauce. Fresh fruit for dessert.


  1. What will the fencer be doing, a brand new shed or work on the recently built shed? It's good to have storage space! Wishing DB well as the motions required in painting preservative is repetitive and tiring.

    I've been looking at what curtains need a wash, too, so it must be springtime.

    Emerald Isle is nearly finished - just a perimeter trim to square in up and binding to go. None too soon either. :)


  2. How well your husband has done, from being not well and in bed to being out and about and painting the shed. Less for you to do and worry about.

    Hope we don't get the snow that's forecast.


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