Friday, 9 March 2018


DB was going on last night about his itching,so this morning I made him go to the Drs. He has been told that he has lost moisture from his skin, so has been given some cream and told that he should not shower every day, he also has some stuff for his hair and the scratches on his arms.

I did manage to get the sitting room cleaned when I got back, the kitchen will have to wait until tomorrow, although I did shove the Dyson over the kitchen floor.

DB went out to move some stuff from the top of the garden ready to go into the car, we are going to the tip as we go to DD2's on Sunday.

It was quite sunny this morning, so I turned the heating down a bit, after lunch it started to cool down a bit. The sky greyed over, we 
are forecast rain later. Its still very cold in the wind.

Fish chips and peas for supper.


  1. I was having quite a time with eczema a few years ago and a dermatologist told me to avoid water, as often as I bathe only with tepid water a couple times a week, to wash my hair only once or twice a week and to avoid any lotions or products that had water listed as a first ingredient. I thought he was nuts, but I am 63 years old now and have skin like a 40 year old. No eczema, itchy skin or works!

  2. First really spring day here today with sunshine and a biting wind. Itching is a real nuisance so hope the creams help. I am off to the Stitches and craft Show at the SEC tomorrow with a friend and we’ve promised each other we won’t buy much. I am looking for fleece fabric to back a baby quilt so hope to find something suitable. Catriona


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