Sunday, 4 March 2018

Better news

DD2 was allowed home last night, she had stopped vomiting so they were happy to let her go. She went straight to bed, has been up this morning for a while but gone back again now. She said she was very sore, but is more upset that they have shaved her head to put the stitches in. 

She messaged me when she woke up, we have been told no way are we to go in to see her. DGD is looking after her, she is worried that we might have an accident, so will do as she asks. 

The snow is clearing DB says the temperature is going up and the snow on the grass is almost gone.

I was awake at 1am reading again, came through to the sitting room so I did not wake DB. I am concerned about DD2, not sure how long she is going to be off work and how the concussion is going to affect her. She is a single Mum with a mortgage etc.........We will be going in a bit later in the week.

Roast pork etc for supper tonight. I did strawberries in jelly yesterday, so that will be dessert with a small scoop of ice cream. Its one way I can get fruit into DB.


  1. Glad your daughtervis home and it sounds as if your GD is doing a good job looking after Mum. Hipe you manage to see her later this week. Catriona

  2. I'm elated that DD2's vomiting has stopped so she was allowed to go home. Hope you'll remind her to watch for the return of vomiting, headaches, and/or visual disturbances with or without dizziness. Kids of us nurses absorb lots of medical information while growing up, but she might have missed this tidbit. Wishing DD2 well with all there is for her to deal with.

    Am glad you and DB will see her later in the week after more of the snow is gone.

    Your menu sounds delicious!

    Sunny and cool here but the wind has finally died down so that's a relief.


  3. So, so glad to here that your daughter was sufficiently improved to be able to go home. The hard part is that concussion recovery is a long process. A friend of mine got a concussion in November and is still suffering with vertigo and headaches and I don't think hers was as severe as your daughters. Hopefully she has some kind of sick benefits through her work or the government. I don't know how it works over there. Would the truck company or driver have some liability. I wish her all the best and so good that you will be able to go and see her next week. Sounds like GD is doing a good job looking after her.


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