Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Not a nice day, very misty and so cold.

I took the car round this morning to get the new mirror fitted, it is going to cost me £100+, that will teach me to trust a manitou driver to keep to his side of the road.......I am still annoyed. The chap from the garage will bring it back for me along with the bill.

The logistics company phoned yesterday to say the settee was ready for delivery, It is coming on Tuesday. I have arranged with Emmaus to collect the bed settee on Monday, so one day sitting in the bucket chair. I am excited but a bit nervous at the same time.  

I am going to have to look at buying lean steak mince. Yesterday I used 6 sheets of kitchen roll to skim the fat off the mince. I think it was the liquid fat that was putting DB off mince. He ate all his supper last night.

Chicken and leek pasta tonight, chicken is cooked so just have the pasta to cook and thicken the sauce......

We are off to see my quilting friend tomorrow. I want to call and pick up some lilies. Next week is going to be hard......

I am still waiting for a reply from the cleaners about the bill, I checked the contract to see what notice I have to give them. I need to talk with my neighbour again. I feel that they are not doing as good a job and rushing things, however we will see.


  1. So glad you car will once again be in top working condition once the mirror is installed. One less thing!

    How exciting your new settee will be delivered in less than a week!!! Someone will be happy to have the bed/settee you'll no longer need.

    Again, your dinner sounds so yummy! I love leeks in just about every food dish.

    Have a wonderful time with your quiltie friend tomorrow! The world has many things that need setting to rights so trust you and she will take care of that.

    It's another sunny, nearly hot day here (odd for this time of year) and we're off to see the cardiologist this arvo. Will also stop at the post office, library, and Publix unless we run out of steam.


  2. I buy lean steak mince, less than 5% fat, there's no fat to skim off. I resented paying good money for fat. The steak mince tastes so much better too.

    You'll be relieved to get the wing mirror replaced, who's fault was it?

  3. Virtually all Supermarkets sell 5per cent fat mince, it's beautiful, I dry fry mine first before using it in recipes. Worth a try, I am sure your hubby will enjoy it much better.

  4. I buy our 5% mince from our village butcher, I know most of the supermarkets sell it but I try to support our village shops. The price is the same as in Morrisons and Tesco. The future of shopping will be no village shops, fine for those who can travel to the supermarkets, not good for the disabled or those who don't drive.


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