Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Another really horrid day, it was fine first thing but by the time we had eaten our breakfast it was raining and has not given up all day. Its also very cold, I decided to light the fire in the sitting room at lunchtime. We have coal that I want to use up.

DB did eat all his supper last night, and had a custard tart for dessert.

I defrosted chicken casserole to have with rice tonight, DB will be having pancakes for dessert.

Nothing really done today, I need to shove the hoover over the sitting room and kitchen floor........... but tomorrow will do.

We did get a better nights sleep last night, I really needed it.

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  1. Am glad to read that you two slept better last night and hope for more of the same for you tonight.

    Isn't cold and rainy weather a bit of a misery? Even tho it's expected this time of year in this hemisphere, it's still no fun.

    Ever since watching As Time Goes By, I have wondered what a custard tart tastes like in the UK. Do you make yours or buy them as Lionel did?

    I forgot to tell you that we got a packet of Colman's Shepherd's pie seasoning and DH made it late last week. Yum!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get some sewing done today. You, too?



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