Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Another very cold day, heavy frost last night and it has tried to snow during the day.

I slept better last night, woke a couple of times in the night, but soon dropped off again.

Great excitement this morning, the street cleaning machine actually came into the close. I had written to the council last week and asked why they never came in and swept the close.......we got most of the cars moved so they could sweep all round the edges and get rid of the moss. They managed all but the top corner where there was a car parked, we had no idea who it belonged to.

No walk today it was far too cold, we did go up to the next village to collect the TV Choice in the car, it was bitter, so I have put the screen on the car, I have to go into Melton on Thursday after the chiropodist has been.

Bed changed, sheets washed, part dried in the dryer just finishing off on the airer before they get ironed maybe tomorrow.

Egg, wedges and beans for supper tonight with the last of the crumble for dessert. Have got mince out to make sauce tomorrow for spag bol.


  1. It's always nice to start the day off well rested so I'm glad you weren't kept awake last night.

    I certainly agree that there's nothing to be gained by going for a walk with the weather so very cold. As my dad used to say, you're asking to end up with joeblutus - a made-up term for some ailment brought on by exposure to frigid weather. :)

    It's warmer and sunny here today and I hope to go to the library.

    Stay cozy!


  2. Ann
    Let the council know that there is a car parked in the close that doesn't belong to anyone in the close especially if it doesn't move very often - it could have been abandoned or if not abandoned,be sitting there lacking an MOT and insurance and be basically un-roadworthy - the council will have powers to serve a notice on it and have the power to remove it after the notice has expired - after all if it has no MOT then it really is flytipping and why should you and the other residents in the close be subject to having the nuisance of it - Hope it helps


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