Tuesday, 27 February 2018


I noticed that I seem to have gained some new followers, you are very welcome.....

Brrrrr its a really cold day, I turned the heating up, the bungalow was really cold. We have had several sharp showers of snow, then the sun comes out and the snow melts.

We had a phone call from the settee people giving us a delivery slot between 1.55 and 3.55pm. They phoned at 12.15 to say they would arrive in about 3/4 of an hour.

Just after 1pm........

               This was in the sitting room, whats in here then?

This is what came out, the chaps unpacked it, and attached the castors and bingo, new settee......


It is comfortable to sit on, I have not had a chance to try it lying down yet, relieved that DB likes it phew!! Its not a bad match to his chair

I made a lemon drizzle cake, was going to make scones, then realised I did not have any dried milk...ooopsss......

Baked cod with mash, mixed veg and parsley sauce for supper, the rest of the bread and butter pudding for dessert.


  1. What a wonderful new settee you chose and I like that shade of green. I hope you and DB enjoy it for many years to come! With the settee in the corner of the room will the arms both go down as they're designed to do?

    May we please see the long view of the room when you have it all back together?

    It's a sunny, cool day here and I have a return trip to the grocery for a forgotten item. I'd be happy to get your dried milk for you but it would be a hassle getting it to you. :)

    DH is on the mend - slowly - and is very weak. It's good to see him feeling better though. I should make him a bread pudding when he's over this bug.


  2. It looks lovely Anne - a beautiful colour xx

  3. That's really nice. What a good choice you made, I like the colour too - it looks like a duck egg blue on the photo.

  4. Very nice and looks like it will be super easy to move about when you find the need.

  5. Love your new settee, it looks super in the corner near the window. Everything went to plan even with the snow. I am in West Yorkshire and it did not get a mention on the news, but we are snowed in good and proper. Love Andie xxx

  6. Your new settee is just lovely and looks so comfy! It's always such fun to get a new piece of furniture to brighten things up!


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