Thursday, 8 February 2018


Busy day, Chiropodist came this morning, she did my feet first, I nipped off into town to Morrison and Aldi, left DB at home.

I was shattered when I got back. Unpacked all the shopping and put it away. DB went for his siesta, it was raining when he got up, so we did not go out.

Not a good night last night 3am I was still watching the clock, After lunch I fell asleep on the usual when I woke up I felt awful, decided to do fish and chips tonight, will do mac and cheese tomorrow, hopefully I will have a better night.

Had a lovely surprise, the postman brought me a parcel, inside a card and a lovely shoulder shawl from C the lady I sent to fabric off to, its so pretty and will keep me warm.

Its still very cold here, the forecast was for it to reach 9c but twice on the way into Melton the control on my car flashed up 4c.


  1. Sorry you had a wakeful night so were exhausted by the time you'd run the needed errands and were back home again. Good you've chosen a simple to make meal for dinner and hope you have a restful, restorative sleep tonight.

    When I take an afternoon nap, I usually awaken feeling okay (seldom rested, but that's lupus) but AMIL was like you and a daytime nap left her feeling awful.

    How sweet of C to send you that lovely shawl as a surprise thank-you gift!


  2. The gift sounds lovely and so kind of her to think of you. How do you cook your fish for fish and chips?


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