Thursday, 22 February 2018


Heavy overnight frost so plans to go into town were shelved until after lunch.

We were late getting up this morning as we had a bad night last night, we were drinking tea at took me a while to wake up this morning.

After lunch the sun came out but the wind was cruel and it was very cold. DB decided it was too cold to go out to the shed.

I spent more than I intended in Aldi, but the forecast for next week is dire, so I bought enough to tide us over for another 2 weeks.....supper tonight quiche, jacket spud and baked tomato's. I made a creme caramel for dessert, it will do us a couple of nights.

My quilting friend rang yesterday and put our trip back to tomorrow. I want to go to the plant nursery in Enderby, so we will go out around 10am to get to Desford by lunchtime. DB wants more seed potato's I want a bare root climbing Compassion rose if they have one. I will then have enough cash left to get plug fuchsias and geraniums when they come in later.

I had to break out the dyson this afternoon, the kitchen floor was disgraceful. I hope its a fine morning on Saturday, I want to mop it.

My bread maker has had it, 3 loaves in a row duds despite using fresh yeast, so I have bought a new one. John Lewis had it £20 cheaper than getting it direct from Panasonic, so I have ordered it from them. 2018 is proving to be an expensive year so far. I called at the garage and paid the bill for the mirror, J is going to get a spray can of paint to re-spray the back of the mirror a bit closer to the colour of the car.

                  This cheeky little boy is a year old in 2 weeks time.

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  1. After your wakeful night last night it's nice to be able to do what's needed in and around the house. Hope you two sleep well tonight so tomorrow trip will be more enjoyable.

    How wise of you to get the foods and such you need to tide you over when the weather forecast is dire.

    What a treat this time of year to go to the garden center for a boost of floral color!

    Your wee GGS is a cutie! How could he be almost one year old already?



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