Thursday, 15 February 2018


Better nights sleep, I put the light out brfore 11pm and DB settled down soon after.

Toasted tea cake and tea at 11am and we set out for the hospital just before 12.00. DB had the drops put in his eyes etc and saw the specialist, he is to have his left eye done in the next 8 weeks and then they will look at doing his left eye. So hopefully it will be done before we go on holiday.

I called at Aldi on the way home for more bread and we got home just after 4.00pm.

Bacon fritatta for supper with salad.

Its been a very cold and windy day, there was a sleet shower as we travelled back...

I washed the towels and put them out, they have dried, just put them in the dryer to soften them before putting them away.

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  1. That’s good news about the timing of the operation-hope there are no hold ups in the waiting list. Very cold and windy with sleety showers today. I am prepping my Friday class with some lovely yellow fabric which will become little chickens. Late tea tonight as I have been at my Pilates class. Catriona


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