Sunday, 11 February 2018


Not a good night after yesterdays news, DB was restless, he had been dreaming, woke and complained about his headache, first time for ages. I eventually got to sleep at 4.30 so had a lie in.

Since we have been up we have walked round the village, it is bitterly cold and I had a job getting my breath in parts, however we both made it home safely.

DB is watching the Olympics, I will be sorting out some lunch shortly, scotch broth and toast. 

I got pork steaks for tonights supper, DB is being so picky about what he is eating. I will do them with  roast spuds and butternut squash, cauli and calabrese. 


  1. I hope you sleep better tonight.

    It's difficult to eat sometimes when there's no appetite for whatever reason, perhaps just make DB the things you know he really likes or asks for. Less stressful for you and more appetising for him.

  2. Sorry about yet another night's disturbed sleep and I hope you both sleep much better tonight.

    Bother about the return of DB's headache and I wish him well.

    Your meals sound so warming and delicious!

    I awoke this morning with coughing, sputtering, and a voice very akin to a frog, so am drinking orange juice in hopes of a cure for whatever this is. :)

    Amazingly, it was 65*F at 8a this morning with rain and thunderstorms expected this afternoon.


  3. No wonder you didn’t sleep well, Anne. My friend’s grandson (23) has gone missing for the second time in 4 weeks. He has been receiving help but left for work on Wednesday and hasn’t been seen since-they are all beside themselves with worry. Spent today bagging fabric in colours ready for next class-pulled out all the yellow fabric tiday for chicken cards. Cleaned the washing machine today as it was a bit whiffy and I can hear it spinning ready for the dryer as it’s dreich here today. Knitting ready for CTM tonight at 8pm. Glad you managed a stroll today and hope you enjoyed your soup. Catriona


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