Saturday, 24 February 2018


Bright clear morning, but bitterly cold, no way were we going out for a walk, the wind chill cut through you. Seeing the forecast for the week, I have filled the coal scuttle, found the small gas stove we have and also the gas light, in case of emergencies. If we get power cuts I guess bed will be the warmest place!!

I cooked the gammon joint for tomorrows supper and made leek and potato soup out of the liquor for lunch.

I was so exhausted this afternoon I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours, not that I felt much better when I woke up!!

Yesterday DB developed an itchy rash on his arm, I remembered about something in the list of side effects of his headache medication, so I have taken him off it. Will try and get him to the Drs on Monday. He had a slight dizzy this afternoon and was going on about his headache, but I have no desire to have him getting a  severe allergic reaction to the medication, so for now he is off it. I have quite enough problems with him without that.

All day breakfast requested for supper, so bacon egg, tomato and fried bread it is. He can have fresh fruit for dessert.


  1. It's good to plan how to stay warm and well fed if winter cold is headed your way. Your meal plans sound yummy, too!

    Sorry DB has that rash and you're wise to take him off of the offending medicine. Can he take a couple of OTC pills such as aspirin or something similar that might take the edge off if his headache?

    DH is still miserable with either a bad cold or flu. No fever but horrid voice and cough plus a runny nose. Fingers crossed that I don't get it.


  2. Oooooh all day breakfast sounds smashing...that’s a great idea.


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