Saturday, 17 February 2018


Bright morning, when we eventually got up it had clouded over, but we still went out for a walk. I did manage better this morning, my back did not hurt so much and my breathing was better. Possibly because it was not so cold.

No plans for the rest of the day, rain is forecast for this afternoon. I have decided that I am going to out all the orchid plants, I am more than a bit fed up with them. Will not be replacing them unless someone gives me one as a present.

When I was at Aldi the other day I bought another Camellia pink this time, it will go in the piece of garden we reclaimed from where the laurel hedge was. It was a present to me from a friend, thank you C. I still have some cash left so will be looking for geraniums and fuchsias for the pots a bit later. I can bring them on in the house until its time to plant them out in their pots. I have to repot the clematis on the back of the bungalow, we cut it down at the back end ready to do it once it starts to grow again.

DB asked for steak pie for supper with mash and cauliflower, so thats what he is getting. I have to prep the lamb for tomorrow, stud it with garlic and then leave it to marinade in red wine until its time to cook it.

DB will be going for his siesta shortly, I have a couple of programmes to watch on TV  until he gets up.

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  1. What a boost to your spirit to go to the garden center with all of its lovely flowers, shrubs, and green plants! This dreary time of year makes all flowers look so fetching. We've gotten our first two seed catalogs this week so that's a boost, too.

    It's cold here today and rain is forecast for later this afternoon. It's the only cold day in the 10 day forecast so wonder what's coming afterwards?



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