Saturday, 3 February 2018


My goodness its a cold wet day. I am going to light the fire whilst DB is having his siesta.

He did not have his siesta yesterday but sat talking to our friends, so was quite tired when we went to bed and was soon asleep. I dropped off quite well, but woke at around 4am cold.......I was tired last night after my epic drive. I hate driving in the City and the roads I had to use lead to an out of town shopping area, so the traffic is always very busy and yesterday was Friday, an awful lot of traffic on the road. Still feel shattered this morning.

DB went back to bed for an hour this morning, I think he took one of his tablets too early, he should have taken it with his breakfast. He came through about 10.30 ok again.

I washed the towels and they have been dried in the dryer, just on the rads airing off, will see what the forecast is may strip the bed in the morning if there is a chance I can get it dry outside.

No idea whats for supper DB has asked for one of the frozen dinners, so it will be a case of take your pick.


  1. I am starting to think the same thing about driving. There are too many drivers who are too impatient and distracted. I have to think thru my route before ever leaving home. Ana USA

  2. DB did well staying up until bed time and not falling asleep in the evening. Sorry that the cold woke you up at 4 am.

    I like your new sofa and look forward to seeing a photo and the fabric you choose. I understand how stressful driving can be. You certainly have to be alert and drive defensively! I prefer going early in the day when I am fresh and have my wits about me. Try hard to not drive after dark these days.

    Glad you used your dryer today. Sometimes it is for the best especially as we get a bit long in the tooth.

  3. I'm with you and Ana on not enjoying driving as I no longer trust other drivers not to be DWOOOs - "driving while otherwise occupied" - and that makes them a danger to themselves and others.

    It's a continuing delight that DB is doing so much better, awake more of the day, fewer dds, and interested again in food. At last! Hope the change in his use of the headache medicine will also help.

    Today is sunny but really cold and I need to go to the library and grocery. My car came back from the repair shop yesterday with its new starter so I'm good to go.



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