Monday, 26 February 2018


We have a light covering of snow, and had a short shower earlier on but its stopped and the sky is blue, sun trying valiantly to come through. It is just 1 degree above freezing, although the heating is on I have turned the sitting room rad off and lit the fire....... I want to experiment with the kettle once the flames die down.

Emmaus are due this morning to collect the old settee, I have also had notification that my new breadmaker will also be here today, so will be making a loaf in it when it comes. Hermes have contacted me to say the choysia I ordered is with them also for delivery, so it looks like being a busy day.

I did not have a good night, was awake reading at 3am, did manage to get back to sleep, we were up and showered by 8.30. A thought occurred to me whilst I was awake, if the weather does turn, I have the old 13tog duvet in the cupboard in the back bedroom, We could sleep on top of the lighter duvet with the heavier one on top of us. When we had the caravan we used to sleep in the two side beds so if one of us had to get up for the loo, we did not have to climb over, it was usually me who slept on the inside. I bought 2 kingsize duvets and we folded them over and slept in between the folds, warm and toastly in winter, we just used ordinary single ones in the better weather with a quilt in case we needed extra warmth.

The gammon last night was good. I was not particularly impressed with the sweet potato. DB quite liked it I found it a bit too sweet. I kept out 4 slices for tonights supper with jacket spuds and salad. DB has asked for bread and butter pudding, so will make that a bit later and put it in the fridge for the milk and cream to soak well into the bread.

DB has just made tea, so better drink it before it goes cold. I have leek and potato soup for lunch with a couple of rounds of toast.


  1. Sounds a lovely menu-my DH loves bread and butter pudding! Catriona

  2. How nice to have a cold day in which to stay home and await deliveries and the chaps from Emmaus to come to your home.

    Your mention of the choysia had me look it up and it may be the very shrub we have along the driveway. The blossoms smell like oranges but the flowers and leaves don't match a mock orange shrub. Ta!

    What a good thought to put the large duvet covers to good use in keeping warm at night!

    Are you happy dancing that the new settee will arrive tomorrow?

    We have a chilly, rainy day, so it's good to be inside, especially with DB still sick. The cats are glad to be indoors, too.



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