Monday, 19 February 2018


It was raining this morning, so bed changed, sheets etc washed and dried in the dryer, just need ironing now.

No walk, it was too wet.

I had an appointment at the Drs this afternoon, have to go back tomorrow for blood tests and then back again in 2 weeks for the results.

Called at the garage about the mirror, have had to order it, another £100 will be wednesday before it will be done, if its in stock.


  1. We had rain this morning, too, so all is drenched and the air is unpleasantly chilly.

    Wishing you a good outcome on your blood test results.

    Hope the car mirror is in stock so your car can have its mirror back in place soonest.


  2. Ouch indeed. Hope your results at the doctor’s are good. It’s my Tuesday Craft Group tomorrow and I’m ready to start the easter chickens. Catriona


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