Friday, 23 February 2018


It was a clean but Brrrrrr monring when we finally got out to the car.

Off to the garden centre at Enderby, we gor all we wanted and more. Second early spuds for DB as well as 3 tomato plants and onion sets. I got 2 poppy plants, 2 tubs of sweet peas Spencer variety, geraniums and also a compassion climbing rose.  So happiness all round.

We got to my friends just before 12 noon. Smoked salmon sandwiches and cream cakes for lunch along with a couple of cups of tea. DB retired to the sitting room, K and myself to the conservatory......various subjects were discussed. She had a scan on her leg yesterday which was clear, no clots to be seen, she has to go back next week for another scan. Her knee is causing her a great deal of pain, she has to wait 18 weeks at least for her operation, I really hope she gets it done sooner. Its her grand daughters funeral next week, but she is not fit to travel, so will be  staying at home.

She has been having a clear out, I was offered a jug with artificial tulips in, I pointed out it would go to the  charity shop if I took it, the jug is in the hall in the box for the Emmaus chaps when they come.

We were home by 3.45, the traffic on the way home was reasonably light for a change.

Usual fish and chips for supper, will have the creme caramel for dessert.

Tomorrow is Saturday, no alarm clock.......sleep in........wonderful.


  1. I'm so happy that you and DB enjoyed your time at the garden center and found much your needed/wanted despite the cold. What a boost for your spirits!

    It sounds like your visit with K was lovely as were the foods she prepared for lunch. :) I join in your hope that her knee surgery happens sooner rather than later.

    Hope the fish, chips, and creme caramel went down a treat (as you say!) and you and DB have your feet up with enjoyable things to watch on TV or books to read. It's good to be home, isn't it?!

    We're about to be off on errands on this cold and cloudy day.


  2. Glad you had a pleasant visit with your friend today. We are also switching off the alarm tomorrow even if it’s not a very long lie. Made sewn cards with my Friday group today and they loved them and made an excellent job of them. I walked to the community hall (about 2miles) as it was such a beautiful morning. Happy weekend. Catriona

  3. I'm wondering if you set your alarm clock every weekday for a particular reason?

    Once I retired I revelled in not having to set the alarm, sheer bliss! I only set it now if I have an early appointment. It does take some getting used to though after years and years of setting it.


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