Friday, 26 January 2018


A fine afternoon after a dull and cloudy start. It rained most of yesterday afternoon and evening.

DB was up for two longish periods yesterday, had a couple of little episodes but put his chair back until till they went off. He did complain that he kept waking up during the night, not that he was awake when I was.

Courier for the parcel to Scotland sorted, it will be picked up Monday, so I have a couple of empty drawers in the chest, not for long I bet once I get my quilting mojo back.

Fish and chips for supper tonight..........we had trife at lunchtime, so there is enough for tomorrow and that will finish it. DB can have a yogurt for dessert tonight.

I contacted the store re the settee, they answered my questions and they do have one on display, so I am arranging with  friends for them to come and sit with DB for a couple of hours next week, so I can go and have a look for myself.

Next on the list is a new mattress for the bed, no idea quite how I am going to manage that, as we both need to try it. 

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