Sunday, 28 January 2018


Another lovely morning, the sun is shining and its fairly warm in the sitting room, I have turned the heat down a bit, its off in the bedroom and the window open, door closed.

DB had a good day yesterday, no dizzy.........another day the same would be nice. We received the letter from the hospital yesterday with the recommendation of the new medication, if it does not have the desired effect a pain block has been suggested....we will see.

I was still awake at 3am, no Nana nap though I feel so awful when I wake up, when DB goes for his siesta I will put my feet up in his relaxa chair.

I have a load in the washer, I will peg it out for a while can finish it off in the dryer, some of the thicker things may not dry. The top lawn is waterlogged, I went up to empty the waste bucket, you can see the water standing, may be the sun and wind will dry it a bit.

DB is composing a letter to the secretary of the bowls club, he is giving up his membership this year due to his vertigo, he had to stop playing in a couple of games last year because he got dizzy when he bent down to bowl. I am going to type it out for him when he has decided what to put. His writing is so bad I doubt anyone could read it, I can't. Its got smaller and smaller over the years.

Roast pork for supper, no idea about dessert, it might just be fresh fruit.

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