Sunday, 21 January 2018


Another reasonable day yesterday. DB got up after his siesta, had a decent supper and went back to bed just after 9pm.

We were forecast frost and snow, I woke up in the night and was cold, snuggled down and went back to sleep, no frost when I got up, but the ground was wet and we now have snow but its not really settling.

Big financial talks here this morning, I need to get an emergency fund into a joint bank account, we could also do with a new settee in the sitting room. The one I have came from a friend and is too heavy for me to move now, I would also like to rehome the dresser in the living room. Might think about a sideboard instead and put the TV on it.

We decided to get a gardener from March to October to cut the grass and keep the borders under control so possibly a couple of hours every other week. DB wants to try and do the veg garden himself.

 He has decided to give up bowls, so I will have all his kit plus bowls to do something with. His bowls are not the modern ones, so might suit a beginner, he bought them second hand when he got them. I also want him to sort out his clothes, I know he is hording stuff he has not worn for sometime. I need to do the same, I have a couple of things that can go to the charity shop.

I am rehoming some fabric, going to try and concentrate on finishing some UFO's, possibly may not do the fair in November will have to see how the year goes If anyone wants something I might work on a commision basis.

Lamb in marinade for tonight's supper, have done the veg and we will have more of the raspberry jelly for dessert.

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