Saturday, 20 January 2018


Slightly better day yesterday DB stayed in bed until he had his afternoon siesta, then got up, made it through to 9pm before we went to bed. He was awake for a short while in the night, slept through to 9.30am when I woke him with his breakfast.

I fell asleep in his relaxa chair yesterday afternoon, woke up feeling awful, took me ages to feel anything like. No matter how tired I am I really need to try and keep awake until I go to bed.

After 3 days of cold sunshine we are back to grey days, I always feel better when the sun shines....we are forecast rain later.

DB has asked for fritatta for supper, with half a jacket spud and roasted tomato's I will do the tomato's under the spud in the remoska. I nuke the spud in the microwave for about 3 - 4 minutes depends on how big it is then put it in the remoska so it finished cooking and the skin is crispy. Going to use up the last of the frozen raspberries in jelly for a dessert, need to keep the fruit coming.

Freezer audit coming up, I will have to go to Aldi next week will get enough to last me 2 weeks again, so need to sort out the menu list.

Shoulder of lamb defrosted, slit the skin and shove garlic in, need to do it in red wine over night, supper tomorrow marinade used for gravy.

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