Saturday, 13 January 2018


Yesterday was not a good day, DB dizzy and nauseous all day, all he had to eat was weetbix for his breakfast, toast for lunch and supper and a yogurt.

We have a special chair for the shower which he sits in, as it was close at hand I managed to get him into it before he graced the floor yesterday. He went in the shower last night.

I was exhausted, had a shower and went to bed, was asleep just after 10pm.

The early morning mist has cleared but its quite cold. The forecast was for sun, but not seen any yet.

DB is asleep, I did not get up until after 10am, put the towels in the washer overnight and dried them this morning, they are airing off before I put them away. I have the bed linen from yesterday to iron at some point, might do it this afternoon if I feel up to it. Apart from keeping the kitchen and wet room clean that's all the housework I am doing, the cleaners are due again this coming week.

I have taken chicken out for supper, will do it with braised rice and mixed veg, half of it will go in the freezer.

Time for a cuppa......

Well after sleeping all morning and having his lunch OH decided to get up, so he is in the sitting room watching TV, we will see how long it lasts.

It is going to be turkey  fricassee not chicken, I got the wrong packet out of the freezer........


  1. Weetabix isn't low in salt. It's classed as "medium" and definitely not "low"

    Shredded wheat may be a healthier alternatve.

    If someone is on a low salt diet you do have to be vigilant in reading those labels.

    Can I give you a tip? Don't iron bedding! Why put yourself through that work if you're tired? Who will notice if you haven't ironed it?

  2. Thank you for your comment about weetabix but DB has to have it come what may, it may not be low salt but shreded wheat would not have the same effect.

  3. There are alternatives to Weetabix that are low salt and high fibre.

    I assume "the same effect" is regarding healthy bowel movements.

    Kiwi fruits eaten daily are excellent for constipation and recommended by our pharmacist.

    However bananas are definitely not.

  4. Orange juice works just as well!

    1. Prune juice works even better!

  5. So sorry that DB was laid low yesterday by those annoying symptoms. Am glad to hear he's up today and feeling good enough to watch some TV. Hope he's up for supper when that time comes.

    I have to say I never iron sheets as they seem to have few wrinkles when coming out of the dryer. Perhaps yours will have fewer wrinkles if you give them a quick tumble in a heated dryer.

    Turkey fricassee sounds delicious!

    Our warm days are gone and the temperature today is falling. It was 51*F when I was up with cats at just after 7a, 37*F when I next checked at 11a, and the low tonight is forecast to be 16*F. 'Tis January, so suppose that's not unreasonable.


  6. Lol i am always defrosting the wrong thing although i have now been told that there is a pen you can get where the ink does not come off in the freezer xxx


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