Monday, 29 January 2018


Yesterday was not a bad day all round. Laundry mostly dried on the line.

DB had a slight dizzy in the afternoon but went off quite quickly. His son came to visit, wanted some info that we do not have. When he left he told me to 'look after my dad'! What does he think I have been doing for the last 28 years!!! I was not amused. He only comes when he thinks he will, not asking for him to come every week, but once a month would be nice, especially if he came so I could get out occasionally.

Its a nasty morning, heavy rain, I had to go down to the Drs with a copy of the letter we got on Saturday, they have not received a copy. The was a lot of surface water on the roads.

Soup made for lunch, eggs, potato wedges and beans for supper tonight. fresh fruit for dessert. I have a pineapple to cut up, so we can have some of that.


  1. Pineapple is excellent for digestion.

  2. I wonder if DB's son wondered why he'd said such an inane thing to you! As if ...?! Perhaps he feels deep down that he doesn't do enough for his dad.

    We have another rainy day so will no doubt be sliding toward North Carolina if this keeps up (it's downhill, globally speaking :) ).

    Pineapple! Yum!! I do have to ask what egg wedges are as all I can think of is hard boiled, then cut into wedges.


  3. It's a shame that you don't have a supportive family, it makes it hard.

    DB seems to have turned a corner now his medication is sorted out, you'll be better able to get out and about. Hopefully come the summer he'll be able to go and watch at the bowling green too.

    Your meals always sound nice but what are egg wedges?

  4. Sounds like DB is having better days. That wonderful. Maybe this last doctor did the trick with taking him off some of the meds that might have made his problem worse. Good News!

  5. I am sorry about your lack of support from DB's family. That is rotten. Wish I could give you some respite but I live in Northern Canada. Hugs.

  6. When DB's son said 'look after my dad', you should've said "I will" all solemn like and then, when you closed the front door on him, laughed your assets off in the hall .... then gone about your day LOL

    Glad that things are looking up for you both!


  7. Why don't you suggest a rota of visit's and responsibilities to your husband's children?

    1. SS has always been ambivalent towards his father, had it been his mother he would have been there like a shot. I am afraid there is no way I would ask him for help, he has proved in the past that he only does things for his father under duress.


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