Friday, 19 January 2018


Another bright but very cold day, we had quite a frost overnight.

DB much the same, he did get up last night but only managed to 8.15pm before he was back to bed. He went to sleep and therefore it was well after 1am before he put the light out.

Cleaners here today, they were a bit late the roads were bad, so they took their time. A good job done. I asked them to leave our bedroom I will sort it in bits when and if DB gets up.

I have sorted and packed a box of fabric for a blog friend, I need to string and tape the box and will then put it in a black plastic bag. It weighs heavy, so will not be cheap to send. Actually thinking about it, I might unpack some of it and send it in a postal bag on its own.

DB has requested fish and chips for tonight, so hopefully he will be ok. He ate all his supper last night, pork belly casserole, it was very good.

I have picked up some knitting, I had an unfinished pair of socks on the needles, so decided to finish them whilst watching TV. Not in the mood to sew and even reading is getting boring!! I download books onto my tablet and read books from the library. Not in to murder mysteries so the choice can be a bit limited.

I do not get any help with DB, no one is interested as vertigo is something that comes and goes, it is just that right now it is hard. I am virtually a prisoner in the house. Only able to make short dashes to the local post office which takes less than 10 minutes in the car. Its a case of put up and shut up, moan on here and wait for it to go. I will be phoning the Drs again on Monday if we have another bad weekend.

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