Thursday, 12 October 2017


Another late start this morning, it was after 9am. Will have to set the alarm tonight, half the morning is gone before I get my feet on the floor.

Its been a fine day, blue sky, I got a load of laundry dry on the line, its airing now.

I have given in and asked my neighbours cleaners to get in touch with me, will probably try for once a fortnight for a through clean. I can do bits in between.  Will also be looking for a gardener in the spring.

The shoes I paid for on Monday have arrived and fit ok, so thats me set for the wedding. No idea if DB is going with me to the service, since he has started with travel sickness , I doubt it. 

DB has painted the front of the shed with preservative, I have made another wall hanging, I have to sew the binding down on both of them now, will do it tonight whilst watching TV.

Ham fritatta for supper tonight, have made a salad and we will finish off the potato salad from the other night. I was going to make stovies but DB said he would like the corned beef in sandwiches for lunch, so stovies will have to wait for another week.


  1. I am sure you have tried it already but I was just thinking, for DB's travel sickness, how about Meclizine (generic of ANTIVERT)? I use it for dizziness/vertigo / travel sickness / motion sickness.
    Dawn P.

  2. How wise of you to realize life will be so much easier with cleaning help coming every so often and that DB will need help in the garden when springtime comes.

    Your dinner menu sounds yummy as usual!

    Well done in getting another wall hanging finished and ready for binding!

    Hope the bride-to-be is over her illness by now.

    DH and I are both a bit under the weather and, unusually, didn't sleep well. I don't expect much will be accomplished today.


  3. For the last two weeks I have been the same with regard to waking/getting up in the morning. I am in my 70's and used to wake early and just get on with the day to day chores. My wise mother in law used to say that our bodies go through changes as the seasons change and I am sure she was right. Give it a few weeks and your body might start to register the cooler weather etc., and your ability to rise and shine might come back. Love Andie xxx


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