Friday, 13 October 2017


We did manage up by 8.30am this morning, DB was out putting more preservative on the shed, its almost finished, the door is going to need a second coat.

I stripped the kitchen and washed the floor, so its all speakling now.

Jan... if you send me a comment with your email in, I will obviously not publish it, I will then email you about the table centre.

Its a fine day, but the wind is getting up, we are forecast a hurricane, not looking forward to that.

I spoke to the Dr this morning, he has agreed that DB can take the anti sickness tablets with his medication with no ill effect, so he will be going with me to the wedding. We will stay for the photos and then come home. I think DB will have had enough by then.

Sundays bride and groom with their 7 month old son Denny.

I have one of the wall hangings to sew the binding on, then the box will be coming out and I will see what I have got before deciding what else to do. I will probably do some lavender bags for the £1 box with the tissue covers.

Fish and chips tonight, no dessert........

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