Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Horrendous night, which needless to say OH slept through once he stopped fidgeting and went off to sleep. Think I had about 3 hours patchy sleep. We have been lucky, not much damage, just a large plant pot blown over. The wind sure was battering at the front, I thought at one point the bedroom  window would come in.

Into Lidl this morning for a quick shop, I took DB with me, half way home he announced he felt sick, typical!! He wasn't but the face was miserable for a while. Heaven knows how I am going to go on with him tomorrow.

I have decided to send his tablet back to Amazon, last night it was on charge overnight and was only 1% charged, have arranged for it to go back, I am looking at a different one for him. Guess we will have sulks till it arrives. I need to return the tablet to factory settings so it wipes everything from it.

Today has been a bad day for me so we are having the last two dinners from the freezer, I need to order 6 more.

DD2 has asked to borrow the trolley she is having her kitchen refitted by her son and they need the trolley to move stuff about on, we will take it on Sunday when I take the tablet for the courier to pick it up.

We have 12 bags of manure coming on Friday, we need the trolley to move them round the back.

I heard from my friend in Florida last night, they were very lucky, they spent the night in her sisters flat which is hurricane resistant, when they returned home there was very little damage, so they got off lightly. The hurricane blew out before it reached North Carolina, so my other friends were not affected.

I hope to have a better nights sleep tonight.

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  1. What a bother not to have peace and quiet at night so you can sleep better. Perhaps DB needs to move to the settee or his chair until the fidgets stop and go back to bed when he's calm and sleepy? Perhaps you need some little ear plugs to use when the weather is noisy overnight.

    I'm glad those frozen dinners are good substitutes for your excellent meals when needs must.

    How marvelous that your friends' home in Florida escaped much damage and if they have power, they're one of the lucky few. We're still watching to see what Jose does and hope it takes a lazy right turn out to sea.

    I'm sewing again today and it's warmer outside so I'm not missing anything by staying inside.

    Wishing you blissful sleep and sweet dreams!



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