Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Bright sunny morning, but cloud soon developed, we had very heavy rain showers yesterday, looks like we may be due more today.

We went round to the chapel for coffee, not so many people there, took some spare veg round, beans cucumber and a courgette that thought it was a marrow.

New printer has arrived, I need to set it up and print off the labels for the sewing machine to go back. I also need to sort out the embroidery machine, hopefully it will be picked up by couriers on Monday. I need to source some extra strong packing tape to make sure the bottom of the box does not collapse when its picked up.

Frustrating afternoon, not manged to connect the printer with the lap top, blessed thing, have emailed the techie see if he can do it. DB had to hand write the labels for me.

Fritatta and salad for supper tonight, DB picked more raspberries this morning, so we will have them for dessert.


  1. It's nice to gather with folks for coffee and chatting as well as sharing from the abundant garden you have!

    What a bother about the frustrations you encountered in setting up the new printer. Does it seem to you that all too often the instructions were written by someone whose first language is NOT English?!

    Your dinner menu sounds delicious, as always!

    Maybe I'll sew this afternoon or go with DH to his eye appt. if I'm able.


  2. Beans, cucumber and courgette, wish we lived by you for a share of your spare veg!


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