Tuesday, 12 September 2017


A bright morning, we are forecast high winds tomorrow and bad weather for the rest of the week. Washing machine on, hope to get it out and dry.

It was so cold yesterday I put the heating on, just for a short while in the evening.

Managed to do a sketchy clean, no energy, apart from getting lunch and supper I will be spending the rest of the day on the settee.

DB does not appear to have any after effects from his fall yesterday, despite what I said he is out in the garden this morning, I give up. Just cannot do it anymore.

Hospital appointment on Thursday, I have some searching questions for the Dr.........I should not be feeling as I do.

Hope the machine arrives safely this morning, I will be waiting to hear from Pattypan that all is well.

The laundry dried on the line, just airing it before it goes away.

Cheese frittata and salad for supper. DB has picked enough of the late fruiting raspberries for us to have some for dessert, he is going to cut the canes down now.

No word about the machine, I hope it got there ok.


  1. You're wise to get the laundry done while the weather is good and to leave DB to manage himself if he won't listen to reason. I'm glad he doesn't have any ill effects from yesterday's fall.

    Hope the doctor can figure out what's making you so tired. Do I remember correctly that you have a pacemaker? If, so it may need a tweak so your heart can beat faster as needed. AMIL's horrible fatigue was due to late onset asthma and the effort to breathe was tiring her out.

    Your dinner menu sounds wonderful!

    Hope you had a good book to enjoy while you sat on the settee. My library books get good use when I sit to rest.

    Sewing the HSTs into blocks today and if I can keep at it long enough, I'll have blocks 15-20 finished.


  2. Hope you get your health sorted. The amount you do + stress yu are probably exhausted. x

  3. Hi Anne

    I think it has - unfortunately I am off work sick at the moment and I had arranged for it to be delivered to work (I was supposed to be at work but the Doctor has signed me off work for a week!. I hope to pick it up all being well at the weekend. I have also forwarded the extra for you as agreed. Hope you are okay with much thanks and love to you both. Pattypanxxx


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