Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Very dull wet morning, it did clear up, but the sky is very dark again now. We could be in for another heavy downpour.

Chap came from the council, we can put the shed up, no sign of the knotweed, the dead bits we gave to them to destroy.

DD2 also came after lunch, she got the boxes for the machines down from the attic, so I can prep the one thats going for service and make sure its ready for collection on Thursday. Waiting to see about the embroidery machine should know later today if they are coming to collect it or if it too has to be sent by courier.

Hopefully the new printer will be here tomorrow, I can set it up and do the labels for the box. No idea what I am going to do with the old one, or with the inks I bought recently. I suppose I could put the inks on Ebay.

Prepped the supper, mince and tatties, just need to cook the veg.

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  1. What good news that you've gotten the go-ahead on the shed and can move forward in getting it built and electrified well ahead of winter weather - I hope!

    It was so nice of DD2 to scamper into the loft to get the boxes down that you need for your sewing machine and embroidery machine.

    We're due to get storms overnight and tomorrow, just so we'll get soaked getting DH to his appt. with the eye surgeon as a step closer to his 1st cataract surgery.

    I've planned the next 4 HST blocks and have the pairs pinned together. 10 blocks are finished and I need 25.



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