Thursday, 7 September 2017


Not a good night DB was fidgeting for England.

Load of laundry on the line, keeping my eye on the weather, its clouding over, some black clouds on the horizon.......may have to have a mad dash.

Have spent another morning trying to get the printer to connect with the lap could well be on its way back for a refund...hoping techie might appear sometime and sort it for me. I even tried to install it on DB's lap top, still no luck. A printer is no use to me unless I can print with it. Advice do not buy a Canon printer!!

Waiting for the courier to collect my machine for service. I have packed up the embroidery machine which is going to a friend, I knew she was looking for one and offered it to her. I hope she enjoys using it. I had to ring Janome to find out where the extension table fitted in the box, I just could not remember, thankfully they knew. 

I spent an hour rearranging the sewing room for when the machine comes back.

I ordered the shed yesterday, the lead in time for installation is 4 - 6 weeks, so by the middle of October DB should have his shed back.

DB spent an hour in the herbaceous border this morning, he has dug out the scruffy Kerria, I have been trying to get it out since we moved here. Its one of the few plants I do not like.

Tomato and bacon pasta and garlic bread for supper........

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  1. Sorry about the interrupted night's sleep. I suppose the daybed in the sewing room needs to be available. In the sewing room I had in TX, there was a daybed that I kept covered with stacked this and that all related to my sewing. Hope you have a stronger resolve to keep your daybed clear!

    How marvelous that the shed has been ordered!

    Hope the bother with the Canon printer can be quickly sorted to your satisfaction.

    It's cool and sunny here and I'm sewing block bits together.



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