Saturday, 2 September 2017

Sunny Saturday

It was cool this morning but the sun is shining and DB says its warm in the garden. He has harvested the pods from the drying beans, they are now laid out in trays to dry off. We used 6 seed saved from last year, they have done very well.

Lots of farm traffic on the lane, taking advantage of the good weather, still silage to get in and ploughing to do for winter wheat.

I had breakfast in bed brought through by DB, first time for ages, so it was after 9am before my feet hit the floor. Lemon drizzle cake in the oven, sliced the loaf I made yesterday, it was quite soft, think I might reduce the water a bit in the next loaf. Fruit for tomorrows breakfast in the fridge, chicken for tomorrows supper defrosting. I have also packed up two lots of the ham trimmings I got from Aldi, they are in the freezer for sandwiches.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day, will spend the afternoon reading or sewing. I have cut out the bag, struggling with the handles a bit just now. The way I usually do them is not going to work, the handles are too thick...hmmmmm......need to do a bit of a jiggle.

I have been looking at the containers, I need to bring some of the geraniums in for the winter, I can then take some cuttings and grow them on for next year. There are 4 trailing geraniums which I want to keep too. I would like to take cuttings from the fuschias, its a bit late, but I might just be lucky, there are also plants to go in the border before they die right back. 

All day breakfast for supper tonight, I have some left over potato, so will do a couple of potato cakes to go with it instead of  fried bread.

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