Sunday, 10 September 2017


We had our usual Sunday breakfast, I did not have to get up in the night, although I was awake for a couple of hours, put my IPad on and read, then dropped off for another couple of hours. Still feeling a bit fragile this morning, will see how the day pans out.

Its a very grey morning and cold, I lit the fire yesterday afternoon.....

Thoughts at the moment with our friends in Florida, they live south of Tampa, the storm has vered to the west, I really hope it does not hit them. I also have friends on the eastern seaboard, one lives in Pennsylvania, the other in North Carolina. Watching the TV news last night its frightening the damage the storm has caused, how people will ever recover I do not know, they have lost everything. It will take a long time to re build communities that have been razed to the ground and they have to live somehow.

DB has sorted out the coal shed so its easier to get into for coal, its cold so I may well light the fire this afternoon.

Roast shoulder of lamb for supper, will do roasties and possibly cauliflower, carrot and calebrese. No idea what might be for dessert if we have one.

We finished off the last of the raspberries last night, I do not think there will be any more.

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  1. Am glad you slept fairly well despite the wakefulness for a while during the night. Did you need a nap today?

    It's good that the coal is more easily accessible thanks to DB's efforts today.

    DH has been checking our two generators in case we need them if a hurricane heads this way. Back when we were hit by hurricane Irene, we were without electricity for 9 days and that was difficult. If not for the generator, we'd have lost all of our food.

    There were several pleasant interruptions today, so I got no sewing done and that was frustrating - but there's always tomorrow.

    I, too, am concerned for all in hurricane Irma's path.



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