Sunday, 3 September 2017


Usual Sunday breakfast in bed, up and stripped the bed, linen on the line, the forecast for tomorrow is not good. The electric blanket is back on the bed as well.

I had a disaster yesterday afternoon, the thread broke in my machine, and tangled up, I cleared it out but now the machine keeps missing stitches, it is due for a service anyway, so once I manage to get the box down it will be on its way to Scotland for a service, its well due for one.

We went to see if we could see G about the shed base, no sign of him, so left a note, I am hoping he will come next week sometime. We need it sorted before they come to spray again. Then at last I can order the shed.

Its dull, but there is a fine breeze, the village is quiet, although there is a caravan rally on the village hall field, they seem to come two or three times a year, they get the use of the village hall in the hire charges, so access to toilets and kitchen. The hall is in the middle of being decorated, no idea what happened to the plans to alter the hall, guess they may be trying to access funds from the lottery.

Cooking chicken breasts in brandy with apricots for supper tonight, roast spuds, carrots and green beans, no idea whats for dessert, possibly ice cream with something.

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