Saturday, 9 September 2017


I was up early and off to the Drs. medication to take for a week. I felt rough first thing but have improved as the day has gone on.

Its been a funny day the weather cannot make up its mind what to do. We have had sun, dark clouds and thunder.

DB spent time in the garden this morning, he moved a couple of plants and also started cutting the lavatera down, it will get cut right down in the spring when it shows signs of new growth.

Quiche, salad and jacket spuds for supper. DB picked more raspberries, we will have them for dessert.

It was so cold this afternoon I lit the fire, will make it up and then allow it to go out.

Hopefully the embroidery machine will be picked up by couriers on Monday, then I will be able to sort out the sewing room and await the return of my machine after its service.


  1. It sounds as though you and DB have had a nice Saturday and am glad he feels like working in the garden.

    Your dinner menu sounds yummy, as always!

    It's sunny, cool, and breezy here with the high forecast to be in the low 70s*F. It seems as if hurricane Irma is going to travel far west of us but I'm so sorry for all in the areas where it will go.

    More sewing today. Yesterday finished the 4 additional blocks I'd been working on for most of the week (how pitiful is that?) so am starting on four more blocks now. They will be blocks 15-19 of the needed 25. Hope I don't decide this quilt needs another row of 5 blocks. :)


  2. So sorry you're fighting that UTI again-hoping you're better soon!


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