Monday, 11 September 2017


A bad night one way or another. It was well after 3am before I dozed off.

Grey morning, we had a couple of showers of rain during the morning. DB was in the garden...guess what....he fell again, I am beyond speech, I cannot speak to him he just ignores me, so I am giving up. I need to preserve my sanity.

Courier came for the embroidery machine, it is on its way to its new Owner Pattypan, I hope she enjoys using it,

DBs computer back with a new drive fitted, it should work a bit quicker now.

No Monday clean done, will do it tomorrow morning, I did not want to miss the courier which I could easily do when I have the Dyson on.

Cold lamb with tomato and cucumber salad, jacket spuds.

To any of my friends who are in the US I hope you are all ok, Tampa was hit, Sun City is a bit further south but no doubt you were battered, I hope the house survived without too much damage. The storm is heading towards the Carolinas, it has been downgraded but its still blowing some.

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  1. Oh, so sorry about your overnight wakefulness and do hope you sleep lots better tonight.

    Goodness! DB is going to have to realize he needs some sort of support while in the garden. At his age, that should be no surprise to him and a cane or Zimmer frame is better than a broken bone.

    So glad to hear that the embroidery machine is en route to Pattypan. She must be over the moon with excitement!

    It's sunny and cool here but rain is likely tomorrow. I plan to sew.



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