Monday, 4 September 2017


Very dull grey morning, we have had rain overnight so the garden is soaking, we woke to G in the garden leveling the ground for the shed. He had already dug out the soak away for the shed.

I was asked for the recipe for the chicken yesterday. I use whole chicken breasts but it also works with diced chicken.

Chicken either whole breast or diced.
Half a cup of brandy.
6 dried apricots.
Chopped onion.
Chopped garlic.
Mixed herbs.
Chicken stock. Approx 300mls
Butter and oil. Cream, optional.

Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the oil and the chicken, fry the chicken until its slightly coloured, scoop out and fry the onions.

Add the garlic and chicken back into the pan, stir.

Pour in the brandy and allow the alcohol to burn off, add in the apricots, herbs chicken stock and season.

Bring to boiling point, then turn down and simmer. For whole breasts about 40 minutes for the diced chicken 20 - 25 minutes. You may need to top up the liquid.

I use corn flour to thicken the sauce a bit and then add cream, thickening the sauce stops the cream from splitting. You do not have to add cream, just thicken the sauce slightly and serve. You can also miss out the brandy if you wish. Its up to your taste.

Serve with veg, or rice with peas.

Glad I did the laundry yesterday,  it would not have dried today.

I decided yesterday to ask DD1 to come and go up the loft to get the machine boxes down, she is coming tomorrow afternoon, so I can arrange for the sewing machine to be collected later in the week.

Went to print the labels to send my machine for service, the blessed thing will not work, have tried everything I know and a few things have bit the bullet and got a new printer. We had that one since 2012, so not bad I suppose. DB messed up the previous one.

Monday clean done, discovered the loo was leaking, so a call to the repair people, the chap has been and fixed it.......also paid a couple of bills.

Egg chips and beans for supper........

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