Friday, 1 September 2017

1st September

Meteorological yesterday was the last day of summer, this morning the outside temperature was in single figures.....bbrrrrr. I lit the fire yesterday afternoon, let it go out during the evening though. We are going to have to source some wood to light the fire with, we seem to have run out of kindling, maybe I should have kept some of the shed bits back.

Friday clean done, I have once again cleaned what look like tea stains off the hall and sitting room carpet, I have to admit I am disappointed in the carpet, it seems to attract muck....I cannot afford a new one, have other plans.

DB is out in the garden, we have 3 large slabs that need moving. The brick path that went round the corner of the old shed has been lifted and now are in a path going up the side of the herbaceous border to the top of the veg garden, that path is much wider.

He is now sorting the bush tomato's which have been allowed to grow too tall, they are starting to ripen.

Yesterday I sorted out all the bits for the embroidery machine, I have also put pre wound bobbins, stabilizer and threads in a bag......and a pre wound bobbin in the machine. Because the dust cover has been on the machine it just needed a wipe over with a damp cloth, cleared out the bobbin race, not a lot of fluff in there.

The lining fabric for the bag arrived yesterday, I am waiting for the felt for the decoration, then I can get on with that and also, I hope, the rest of the things for the fair. The bag fabric will need overlocking, it frays like the devil.

Once the embroidery machine has gone I need to get at the window and give it a good clean down, the net could do with washing too. I keep a net at the window to shield the sewing machine from the sun which shines in during the afternoon. It can get quite hot in there.

Towels  washed and out on the line, they should dry.

The hole in the road has been repaired, apparently the water people are blaming the fire service, there was a farm fire in Harby, no idea what happened but the water mains have burst in several places in Hose, Harby and Stathern.

Supper, salmon, new potato's, peas and parsley sauce, not sure about a dessert...........need to put a loaf on we are almost out of sandwich bread.

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