Tuesday, 19 September 2017


A reasonable night last night, have decided to go back into our room tonight, see how I go. Day bed stripped will wash the linen tomorrow.

Line of laundry out this morning, towels in to wash tonight, wet room and toilet cleaned, also did a bit of moving round in the sewing room. I have a pile of ironing to do. Might do it tomorrow.

Its a fine morning DB much as usual, has been out in the garden taking the beans down and sorting out a few bits. His headache is not too bad today, so he says.

Corned beef salad tonight, will do some mash with it for a change. Have taken out mince I plan to make pasties for supper tomorrow, its ages since I made any, DB brought me in a turnip, will grate some to put in with cubed potato.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Thankfully, both of us slept ok, I put the light out early, I was very tired, DB's light was still on.

Stripped the bed, hope to get the laundry dry on the line, its a bit grey looking just now.

I did get the tablet set up yesterday after a false start, have loaded some stuff up on it including borrowbox, was reading a story on there.

After a difficult conversation with DB it has been decided that I will just go to the ceremony for DGD's wedding, DB will stay at home. I will be away for about 3 hours and a neighbour will keep a watching brief on DB. There is no way he is going to be fit to go. I will have to let my daughter know after we have seen the Dr on Wednesday. I am upset but I cannot be away for any longer than that. We were only going to stay for the meal afterwards as it meant we would be travelling home in the dark over roads I do not know. They are having a disco which is not our scene anyway.

Did not do the full Monday clean, by the time I had hung out the laundry and changed the bed, I was about done in, so just did the bedroom, will do the wet room tomorrow.

It's turned out sunny so the laundry has dried, will fetch it in and fold it.

DB having his siesta, he was out in the garden again this morning. I am very concerned about him, the constant headache is affecting him badly. Roll on our visit to the Drs Wednesday, see if I can get them to do something about an earlier appointment. Do not hold out much hope, having to wait that long fills with dread.

Egg chips and beans for supper, just cannot be bothered to do anything else.

In the garden this morning.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


DB did not have a good night, he told me he was still awake at 3am, makes a change, I did sleep ok.

I went into Melton this morning left DB in bed, he was up by the time I got back. The tablet I returned has been credited, I just need to keep an eye on my account to make sure it does come back. I bought a new tablet, its driven me nuts trying to set it up.

Its been a bit of a dull day here and its now trying to rain. Hope its ok tomorrow, its bed change day.

Roast pork spuds, calabrese and carrots for supper. No idea about dessert, it might just be choc ices.

Sorry its a short entry for today. More tomorrow hopefully.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


Thankfully I did have a better night last night in my sewing room, will be in there for another couple of nights and then try back in our room. OH said he put the light out at 11.15 and went straight to sleep. Funny he does not fidget when I am not there.

Finished my medication, not sure the infection has gone, I felt awful first thing.

Did managed to do the delayed Friday clean, have also put some chicken in a casserole for supper, will have it with pasta and garlic bread.

Had to take the car to the garage, the metal we found underneath was from the exhaust system, chap made sure the car was ok and also checked the tyre pressure for me. I met our friends from round the corner, they were just out for their walk. Stopped to ask how DB was.

I am now seriously wondering if he is going to be fit to go to B's wedding, its just over 4 weeks away. I will be devastated if we cannot go.

We had a couple of showers this morning, then it brightened up, its now clouded over again, so guess we are in for some more rain.

No sewing my machine is still at the dealers, hope to get it back next week sometime. I have a couple of things I am wanting to do.

Friday, 15 September 2017


Welcome to my 100th follower. I hope you enjoy reading my mundane little blog.

Another bad night, about 3 hours sleep all told. I am not going for a nap this afternoon, hopefully I will sleep tonight. Have made the appointments for Wednesday for us both to see the Dr. Its getting ridiculous. I have decided to sleep in the sewing room bed, so need to go in there and clean up a bit, the bed is covered with fabric.

The chap came with 12 bags of manure, he opened a bag to show us, looks good......its from a stables.

No Friday clean it will have to wait till tomorrow, I am too exhausted to do it today, especially as the kitchen floor needs washed.

Spent some time sorting the sewing room so I can sleep in there tonight. I had an enquiry about the dryer, hopefully someone is coming for it tomorrow. The stuff I ordered from Boston Duvet and Pillow Company, a new winter weight duvet and 6 pillows, arrived, a huge parcel. I need to sort through the pillows when I change the bed and chuck out the grotty ones.

Stovies for supper tonight, just sliced the spuds, cooked the onions and cubed the corned beef ready to cook it, does not take long to cook, although years ago it was made in cast iron pans and left on a low light to cook. It was a favourite on Mondays when there was washing to be done.

Its rained on and off so no gardening for DB........he is hoping to go into Melton with me on Sunday, will see how he fairs. I am doubtful he is going to be fit to go to the wedding unless we have a major miracle. I will have to go on my own, I just cannot not go.

No news about my machine, I was hoping to hear today that it would be on its way back over the weekend, no such luck.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


I decided this morning not to take DB with me and cancelled my visit to my friend.

 Bit of a fraught morning. I needed to post off a parcel and draw some money from the post office. Our local PO was closed, the post mistress seems to work when she wants to.

From there I  went on to fill the car with fuel and to the hospital. The Drs were running behind, whats new, however I got seen within half an hour of my appointment. I have been discharged. The MRI scan showed my heart was working ok and the pacemaker is doing its job. I asked about various things, his advice see my GP about my stress levels and I should ask for DB to be tested for dementia.........hmmmmm. His parting words were ' if he has dementia you are in for a tough time'.   Thank you so much I really appreciate that. As if life is not tough enough already.

I did go to bed this afternoon for a couple of hours, not that I slept, but lay reading.

R & J came whilst I was out and R finished putting the wood round the beds, they stayed with DB for a while, which was good, it meant that he was not able to get into mischief  whilst I was away.

The wind seems to have died away completely, it is sunny but we did have some rain this afternoon for short while.

Fish and chips tonight for supper, I will do something else tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Horrendous night, which needless to say OH slept through once he stopped fidgeting and went off to sleep. Think I had about 3 hours patchy sleep. We have been lucky, not much damage, just a large plant pot blown over. The wind sure was battering at the front, I thought at one point the bedroom  window would come in.

Into Lidl this morning for a quick shop, I took DB with me, half way home he announced he felt sick, typical!! He wasn't but the face was miserable for a while. Heaven knows how I am going to go on with him tomorrow.

I have decided to send his tablet back to Amazon, last night it was on charge overnight and was only 1% charged, have arranged for it to go back, I am looking at a different one for him. Guess we will have sulks till it arrives. I need to return the tablet to factory settings so it wipes everything from it.

Today has been a bad day for me so we are having the last two dinners from the freezer, I need to order 6 more.

DD2 has asked to borrow the trolley she is having her kitchen refitted by her son and they need the trolley to move stuff about on, we will take it on Sunday when I take the tablet for the courier to pick it up.

We have 12 bags of manure coming on Friday, we need the trolley to move them round the back.

I heard from my friend in Florida last night, they were very lucky, they spent the night in her sisters flat which is hurricane resistant, when they returned home there was very little damage, so they got off lightly. The hurricane blew out before it reached North Carolina, so my other friends were not affected.

I hope to have a better nights sleep tonight.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


A bright morning, we are forecast high winds tomorrow and bad weather for the rest of the week. Washing machine on, hope to get it out and dry.

It was so cold yesterday I put the heating on, just for a short while in the evening.

Managed to do a sketchy clean, no energy, apart from getting lunch and supper I will be spending the rest of the day on the settee.

DB does not appear to have any after effects from his fall yesterday, despite what I said he is out in the garden this morning, I give up. Just cannot do it anymore.

Hospital appointment on Thursday, I have some searching questions for the Dr.........I should not be feeling as I do.

Hope the machine arrives safely this morning, I will be waiting to hear from Pattypan that all is well.

The laundry dried on the line, just airing it before it goes away.

Cheese frittata and salad for supper. DB has picked enough of the late fruiting raspberries for us to have some for dessert, he is going to cut the canes down now.

No word about the machine, I hope it got there ok.

Monday, 11 September 2017


A bad night one way or another. It was well after 3am before I dozed off.

Grey morning, we had a couple of showers of rain during the morning. DB was in the garden...guess what....he fell again, I am beyond speech, I cannot speak to him he just ignores me, so I am giving up. I need to preserve my sanity.

Courier came for the embroidery machine, it is on its way to its new Owner Pattypan, I hope she enjoys using it,

DBs computer back with a new drive fitted, it should work a bit quicker now.

No Monday clean done, will do it tomorrow morning, I did not want to miss the courier which I could easily do when I have the Dyson on.

Cold lamb with tomato and cucumber salad, jacket spuds.

To any of my friends who are in the US I hope you are all ok, Tampa was hit, Sun City is a bit further south but no doubt you were battered, I hope the house survived without too much damage. The storm is heading towards the Carolinas, it has been downgraded but its still blowing some.

Sunday, 10 September 2017


We had our usual Sunday breakfast, I did not have to get up in the night, although I was awake for a couple of hours, put my IPad on and read, then dropped off for another couple of hours. Still feeling a bit fragile this morning, will see how the day pans out.

Its a very grey morning and cold, I lit the fire yesterday afternoon.....

Thoughts at the moment with our friends in Florida, they live south of Tampa, the storm has vered to the west, I really hope it does not hit them. I also have friends on the eastern seaboard, one lives in Pennsylvania, the other in North Carolina. Watching the TV news last night its frightening the damage the storm has caused, how people will ever recover I do not know, they have lost everything. It will take a long time to re build communities that have been razed to the ground and they have to live somehow.

DB has sorted out the coal shed so its easier to get into for coal, its cold so I may well light the fire this afternoon.

Roast shoulder of lamb for supper, will do roasties and possibly cauliflower, carrot and calebrese. No idea what might be for dessert if we have one.

We finished off the last of the raspberries last night, I do not think there will be any more.

Saturday, 9 September 2017


I was up early and off to the Drs. medication to take for a week. I felt rough first thing but have improved as the day has gone on.

Its been a funny day the weather cannot make up its mind what to do. We have had sun, dark clouds and thunder.

DB spent time in the garden this morning, he moved a couple of plants and also started cutting the lavatera down, it will get cut right down in the spring when it shows signs of new growth.

Quiche, salad and jacket spuds for supper. DB picked more raspberries, we will have them for dessert.

It was so cold this afternoon I lit the fire, will make it up and then allow it to go out.

Hopefully the embroidery machine will be picked up by couriers on Monday, then I will be able to sort out the sewing room and await the return of my machine after its service.

Friday, 8 September 2017


In to town first thing, needed some bits from Morrison. Back home in just over the hour. I bought 2 shrubs from Morrison, £3.00, a cornus and a white ceanothus, they are both in the garden. I have photographed them and entered them into the garden journal so I know whats where.

I have tried again 3 times to connect the printer to the computer, I even set the printer back to the factory setting, still not managed it, got the printer talking to the router but not to the lap top, I am really brassed off now. No sign of the techie either.

Its a dullish morning, we did have a few spots of rain but it soon went off.

I have another UTI, getting very fed up its only a few weeks since the last one. I have an appointment with the Dr tomorrow at 8.15. They run an emergency surgery on a Saturday, I was lucky to get in.

Fish and chips for supper tonight.

Update..... the techie man came on his way home, the printer is working, but he did say its one of the worst he has ever had to install. There was a point where I thought he was not going to be able to make it work. I was getting ready to send it back.

Sewing machine has arrived at its destination, doubtless I will be getting a call sometime next week when it has been serviced and it will be on its way back to me.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Not a good night DB was fidgeting for England.

Load of laundry on the line, keeping my eye on the weather, its clouding over, some black clouds on the horizon.......may have to have a mad dash.

Have spent another morning trying to get the printer to connect with the lap top........it could well be on its way back for a refund...hoping techie might appear sometime and sort it for me. I even tried to install it on DB's lap top, still no luck. A printer is no use to me unless I can print with it. Advice do not buy a Canon printer!!

Waiting for the courier to collect my machine for service. I have packed up the embroidery machine which is going to a friend, I knew she was looking for one and offered it to her. I hope she enjoys using it. I had to ring Janome to find out where the extension table fitted in the box, I just could not remember, thankfully they knew. 

I spent an hour rearranging the sewing room for when the machine comes back.

I ordered the shed yesterday, the lead in time for installation is 4 - 6 weeks, so by the middle of October DB should have his shed back.

DB spent an hour in the herbaceous border this morning, he has dug out the scruffy Kerria, I have been trying to get it out since we moved here. Its one of the few plants I do not like.

Tomato and bacon pasta and garlic bread for supper........

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Bright sunny morning, but cloud soon developed, we had very heavy rain showers yesterday, looks like we may be due more today.

We went round to the chapel for coffee, not so many people there, took some spare veg round, beans cucumber and a courgette that thought it was a marrow.

New printer has arrived, I need to set it up and print off the labels for the sewing machine to go back. I also need to sort out the embroidery machine, hopefully it will be picked up by couriers on Monday. I need to source some extra strong packing tape to make sure the bottom of the box does not collapse when its picked up.

Frustrating afternoon, not manged to connect the printer with the lap top, blessed thing, have emailed the techie see if he can do it. DB had to hand write the labels for me.

Fritatta and salad for supper tonight, DB picked more raspberries this morning, so we will have them for dessert.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Very dull wet morning, it did clear up, but the sky is very dark again now. We could be in for another heavy downpour.

Chap came from the council, we can put the shed up, no sign of the knotweed, the dead bits we gave to them to destroy.

DD2 also came after lunch, she got the boxes for the machines down from the attic, so I can prep the one thats going for service and make sure its ready for collection on Thursday. Waiting to see about the embroidery machine should know later today if they are coming to collect it or if it too has to be sent by courier.

Hopefully the new printer will be here tomorrow, I can set it up and do the labels for the box. No idea what I am going to do with the old one, or with the inks I bought recently. I suppose I could put the inks on Ebay.

Prepped the supper, mince and tatties, just need to cook the veg.

Monday, 4 September 2017


Very dull grey morning, we have had rain overnight so the garden is soaking, we woke to G in the garden leveling the ground for the shed. He had already dug out the soak away for the shed.

I was asked for the recipe for the chicken yesterday. I use whole chicken breasts but it also works with diced chicken.

Chicken either whole breast or diced.
Half a cup of brandy.
6 dried apricots.
Chopped onion.
Chopped garlic.
Mixed herbs.
Chicken stock. Approx 300mls
Butter and oil. Cream, optional.

Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the oil and the chicken, fry the chicken until its slightly coloured, scoop out and fry the onions.

Add the garlic and chicken back into the pan, stir.

Pour in the brandy and allow the alcohol to burn off, add in the apricots, herbs chicken stock and season.

Bring to boiling point, then turn down and simmer. For whole breasts about 40 minutes for the diced chicken 20 - 25 minutes. You may need to top up the liquid.

I use corn flour to thicken the sauce a bit and then add cream, thickening the sauce stops the cream from splitting. You do not have to add cream, just thicken the sauce slightly and serve. You can also miss out the brandy if you wish. Its up to your taste.

Serve with veg, or rice with peas.

Glad I did the laundry yesterday,  it would not have dried today.

I decided yesterday to ask DD1 to come and go up the loft to get the machine boxes down, she is coming tomorrow afternoon, so I can arrange for the sewing machine to be collected later in the week.

Went to print the labels to send my machine for service, the blessed thing will not work, have tried everything I know and a few things besides.....so have bit the bullet and got a new printer. We had that one since 2012, so not bad I suppose. DB messed up the previous one.

Monday clean done, discovered the loo was leaking, so a call to the repair people, the chap has been and fixed it.......also paid a couple of bills.

Egg chips and beans for supper........

Sunday, 3 September 2017


Usual Sunday breakfast in bed, up and stripped the bed, linen on the line, the forecast for tomorrow is not good. The electric blanket is back on the bed as well.

I had a disaster yesterday afternoon, the thread broke in my machine, and tangled up, I cleared it out but now the machine keeps missing stitches, it is due for a service anyway, so once I manage to get the box down it will be on its way to Scotland for a service, its well due for one.

We went to see if we could see G about the shed base, no sign of him, so left a note, I am hoping he will come next week sometime. We need it sorted before they come to spray again. Then at last I can order the shed.

Its dull, but there is a fine breeze, the village is quiet, although there is a caravan rally on the village hall field, they seem to come two or three times a year, they get the use of the village hall in the hire charges, so access to toilets and kitchen. The hall is in the middle of being decorated, no idea what happened to the plans to alter the hall, guess they may be trying to access funds from the lottery.

Cooking chicken breasts in brandy with apricots for supper tonight, roast spuds, carrots and green beans, no idea whats for dessert, possibly ice cream with something.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Sunny Saturday

It was cool this morning but the sun is shining and DB says its warm in the garden. He has harvested the pods from the drying beans, they are now laid out in trays to dry off. We used 6 seed saved from last year, they have done very well.

Lots of farm traffic on the lane, taking advantage of the good weather, still silage to get in and ploughing to do for winter wheat.

I had breakfast in bed brought through by DB, first time for ages, so it was after 9am before my feet hit the floor. Lemon drizzle cake in the oven, sliced the loaf I made yesterday, it was quite soft, think I might reduce the water a bit in the next loaf. Fruit for tomorrows breakfast in the fridge, chicken for tomorrows supper defrosting. I have also packed up two lots of the ham trimmings I got from Aldi, they are in the freezer for sandwiches.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day, will spend the afternoon reading or sewing. I have cut out the bag, struggling with the handles a bit just now. The way I usually do them is not going to work, the handles are too thick...hmmmmm......need to do a bit of a jiggle.

I have been looking at the containers, I need to bring some of the geraniums in for the winter, I can then take some cuttings and grow them on for next year. There are 4 trailing geraniums which I want to keep too. I would like to take cuttings from the fuschias, its a bit late, but I might just be lucky, there are also plants to go in the border before they die right back. 

All day breakfast for supper tonight, I have some left over potato, so will do a couple of potato cakes to go with it instead of  fried bread.

Friday, 1 September 2017

1st September

Meteorological yesterday was the last day of summer, this morning the outside temperature was in single figures.....bbrrrrr. I lit the fire yesterday afternoon, let it go out during the evening though. We are going to have to source some wood to light the fire with, we seem to have run out of kindling, maybe I should have kept some of the shed bits back.

Friday clean done, I have once again cleaned what look like tea stains off the hall and sitting room carpet, I have to admit I am disappointed in the carpet, it seems to attract muck....I cannot afford a new one, have other plans.

DB is out in the garden, we have 3 large slabs that need moving. The brick path that went round the corner of the old shed has been lifted and now are in a path going up the side of the herbaceous border to the top of the veg garden, that path is much wider.

He is now sorting the bush tomato's which have been allowed to grow too tall, they are starting to ripen.

Yesterday I sorted out all the bits for the embroidery machine, I have also put pre wound bobbins, stabilizer and threads in a bag......and a pre wound bobbin in the machine. Because the dust cover has been on the machine it just needed a wipe over with a damp cloth, cleared out the bobbin race, not a lot of fluff in there.

The lining fabric for the bag arrived yesterday, I am waiting for the felt for the decoration, then I can get on with that and also, I hope, the rest of the things for the fair. The bag fabric will need overlocking, it frays like the devil.

Once the embroidery machine has gone I need to get at the window and give it a good clean down, the net could do with washing too. I keep a net at the window to shield the sewing machine from the sun which shines in during the afternoon. It can get quite hot in there.

Towels  washed and out on the line, they should dry.

The hole in the road has been repaired, apparently the water people are blaming the fire service, there was a farm fire in Harby, no idea what happened but the water mains have burst in several places in Hose, Harby and Stathern.

Supper, salmon, new potato's, peas and parsley sauce, not sure about a dessert...........need to put a loaf on we are almost out of sandwich bread.