Wednesday, 2 August 2017

What a dull day

A very dull day, we did have a few spots of rain earlier on, there is also quite a stiff wind.

Round to the little chapel for the coffee morning, took the last bag for E to take to her group, should get some cash on Friday....cannot be bad. We picked a load of rhubarb and took round, also some green beans. I have been promised plums when they are ripe and someone else is going to drop off some apples.

DB was talking with the chap who used to come and sit with him about the shed. He has agreed to come and take the shed down if he can have the problem, it will save me having to pay to get the wood taken away. He is going to come sometime this month to do it, so we can get the ground sprayed in September and the new shed up in October.

DB at the social bowls this afternoon, he went for his usual siesta first.

We are going to venture into town tomorrow on the bus, DB has an appointment to get his eyes tested, I think he needs new glasses. I would also like to get into the bank if I can to sort out our savings account. Its in my name and I want it to be in joint names so there is no problem drawing cash out without having to transfer it first. I also want to make enquiries to change our bank account itself, I am also looking at changing banks.........I need more info first though.

I might do some sewing this afternoon, no bags though.....possibly stuffed Christmas trees made from fabric. or more of the zipper bags. Hmmmmm I also have some bits of fabric I want to turn into lavender bags.

Sausage and mash for supper tonight.

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