Wednesday, 30 August 2017


My goodness it was dank this morning, I am bored and fed up!!

One bright spark on the horizon I think I have sold my embroidery machine.........will know later tonight. I need to check it and make sure its fine. A quick clean is called for. I will also need to sort out stuff to go with it.......

Its now raining, that horrid stuff we used to call smurr in Scotland yukk.....

DB seems ok this morning, we have not had any pulled faces so far, but yesterday afternoon was horrendous.....I will not go into detail TMI.

I am seriously thinking of cancelling our short break, I just cannot face going away with DB as he is, will leave it another couple of weeks and see. If we do not go away I can maybe get the shed up a bit quicker. 

The weather cheered up at lunchtime, signs of the sun coming out.

We did the freezer audit and the menu and shopping lists are done, Aldi tomorrow, DB is almost out of yogurt.

We now have water running unchecked down Chapel Lane, looks like the main has burst. I have filled a kettle and also a bucket with water. I guess the water board will turn up at some point.

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