Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Yesterday afternoon I nipped over to see our neighbour, when I got back DB informed me that he had passed out in the bedroom........he had found himself on the floor no idea how he got there! When I got back he was sitting in the sitting room..... 2am this morning he was awake moaning again, he went back to sleep, I was still awake at 5am, so had about 4 hours sleep again.......

This morning we were up breakfasted and away by 8.30 to the Drs. AT LAST someone has agreed with me that  in all probability its his spondylosis which is causing the headaches, he has been referred for an emergency appointment with a neurologist and given some medication which the Dr hopes will at least lessen the headaches to a dull roar. I think the Dr was a bit surprised when I cheered in the surgery. Her eyebrows shot up. She said she gathered I was ok with what she planned.

Back home he is out in the garden for an hour before he has his lunch and then goes for his siesta, I cannot go for a sleep we are expecting the computer chappie this afternoon, so hopefully I will sleep tonight.

Its another grey day, but really muggy, its supposed to clear, as long as the laundry dries on the line I am not bothered. I need to freeze the stock I made yesterday, the rest of the soup for lunch, no idea whats for supper, depends how I feel later, it could well be the last two ready meals in the freezer.

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