Wednesday, 9 August 2017


DB slept so much yesterday, he had a problem sleeping last night, so of course I was awake too. However he is much better today,his body has obviously got used to the dosage.

I left him in bed this morning whilst I went to Lidl in Bingham, he was up for lunch and then went back after lunch for his siesta. 

G came this morning, he wants to take the shed down on Friday, so I have had to ask for help from a neighbour to empty it. I ordered 3 bags of coal for the sitting room fire which came this afternoon. I took the handle off the mower and its now on the half pallet in the coal shed along with the tool box. Hopefully we will get the shed emptied tomorrow, then once the shed is down I can contact the council and get the ground treated next month.

We did manage to get as far as the local hairdressers this morning for a haircut. I am using two of the frozen meals tonight, tired after shopping and sorting part of the shed.


  1. It's good that life is settling down with the new medicine dose for DB. Perhaps you should clear the bed in the sewing room in case you need it tonight?

    I can well imagine your fatigue after the work done dealing with the contents of the shed and the shopping. It's wonderful the dismantling of the shed will be done soon so the next part of the process can be scheduled, then it's on the new shed construction!

    How wise to give yourself a break from cooking, too.

    I'm pressing purple fabrics so they can be cut into 3/5" squares.


  2. Maybe you & DH could consider whether you are able to have a cleaner once a fortnight, just to help with the heavy tasks? It would lighten your workload a little and allow you to take life a little easier.

  3. Floss, I fully intend to get a cleaner in, its finding someone reliable with reasonable standards that are the problem. I am also going to get someone to help DB in the garden.


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