Tuesday, 29 August 2017


I have listed some sewing stuff on Ebay. I have offered my embroidery machine to a friend who I know was looking for one, if she does not want it, it too will go on Ebay and also Gumtree. I am keeping my Atelier machine, I will be doing some quilting but not as much as in the past, sticking to smaller things, and no embroidery except the stitches in the machine, and certainly not buying anymore fabric. I have sourced some fabric for the lining of the bag, it cost me £6, that will have to be added to the cost of the bag. I had nothing suitable in my stash. 

I also need to sort out my UFO's.........aarrgghhh they all need finishing off.

A dull morning, I have 2 lines of laundry out, it seems to be drying ok. 

A reasonable nights sleep, woke a couple of times, but managed to get back to sleep again ok. Up just after 8am, showered and hair washed.

No moans from DB so far, the day is young. He has been out in the garden for a while doing some weeding in the herbaceous bed. He has just come in.

No plans for the day, I have to sort out some more stuff to go on Gumtree have decided to sell the little dryer, once the machine has gone that will free up the small table we can use it in the kitchen instead of the big dining table.

Decided on egg, chips and beans for supper. DB picked some more rasps, so we can have them with some ice cream for dessert.


  1. im looking at the apple and pear glut and trying to pretend ive not got washbaskets full waiting for me to sort through them...lol


  2. anne,

    Can you leave me your current email address please I sent an email to the address I had for you this morning but it seems to have been returned. I should be free after 7pm but have to sort tea first.




    1. Trish my email is csarina43@gmail.com. Anne

  3. Well done in getting things organized to simplify your sewing room so it works better as a bedroom when needed. I hope you enjoy making small 1 block/4 block/9 block wall quilts as I have. My 1 block quilts usually have a 12" or 16" block center and those with more blocks usually are made with 4", 6", or 8" blocks. The small quilts are easy to machine quilt or hand quilt yourself, too.

    It's a rainy day here and I've just finished un-sewing parts of two sections of a purple 12" block as they were turned the wrong way and it was all too apparent. Bother!

    I hope the things you want to sell find buyers quickly.



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